What is Handshake?

What is Handshake?
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Welcome to Handshake, a totally new way to build richer relationships between people and brands, through real time, negotiated rewards.  We let our members take back control of their personal information.  We put them in touch with brands they can trust and reward them for who they are and what they’re into. So brands like yours get to talk one-to-one to the right kind of people at the right time at the right price.

Our revolutionary real-time negotiation engine sits at the heart of our offer

Handshake lets you decide whom you want to talk to and how much their individual insight is worth to your business (right now if that’s when you want it).   You can control your negotiation dynamics in real time, creating a totally new dialogue with your consumers.  Handshake can give your brand an agility that most lack.

Maximise marketing spend

Because every pound you spend with Handshake delivers you the right kind of customer, you can maximise the return on your investment.  Handshake’s powerful, live engagement mechanism helps you better understand your core market and be as agile as your customers. We can offer response rates far higher than industry standard.

Traditional methods of long-term engagement like DM or market research can be time-consuming and expensive.  Instead Handshake helps you to create deeper real-time relationships between people and your brand.  As well as talking to new customers, you can deepen your connection with existing ones too.  Grow your wallet share by cross-selling much more effectively based on our detailed data.

Get access to datasets like context, personality, expertise, skills, opinion and intent

Typically up until now, personal data has been based on where people live, where they shop, what they’ve bought – the basics.  Not much more than a crude sketch.  With Handshake we use metadata to boost each member’s profile far beyond what is traditionally possible.  We have created hugely detailed pictures of our members for you to access.  Real people, not just bulky numbers in an unwieldy demographic.

Plus, our sophisticated cloud-based system gives you completely secure, real-time access to all this data via a campaign dashboard.

With the right kind of context, you can start to build the right kind of relationship

Handshake lets you talk to consumers on their laptop, tablet or mobile. In the supermarket, office or on the sofa. With Handshake you’ll be able to talk to people at just the right time, in the right place and the right frame of mind for a conversation.  Deeply embedded within a lot of what Handshake does is the latest thinking in ‘nudge’ economics.  Ultimately, we want to create rich, qualified long term data for our clients, at a price that reflects the value of that data to both parties.

Change the game.   Lead the way with an utterly new way of doing business

Handshake can help you build mutual trust and value in the relationship between your brand and your audience.

Those people – our members – want to understand what’s in it for them to talk to brands.  Handshake shows them, simply, immediately and relevantly.

We are helping to create open, honest and transparent relationships. It’s the only way to do business in the long term and it’s here now. We are changing the game. Join us.