WANTED: Beta testers for brand new marketplace

WANTED: Beta testers for brand new marketplace
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Handshake is now only a few months away from launching fully.  We want to build a body of beta testers that are representative of the world at large to help us go live with a product that will take the world by storm.  We want to prove that there is now a new, better way to build relationships between brands and consumers.

Handshake was built on the principles of reciprocity and equity, recognising that a true relationship needs to be fair and work both ways.  So these are values that we are applying to our beta testing programme.

In return for you giving us your time and patience over a 4-6 week period to iron out the final few bugs and identify ‘must have’ features to add to our development schedule, we have set aside a pool of 10% of the equity of the company to share amongst our beta test community.  We want to be successful and share our success with people that help us.

And in line with those same core values, those that contribute the most will qualify for a bigger share of the prize, although everybody will be rewarded for their efforts.  Over and above that, at various stages of the beta test, we will be holding prize draws where one lucky winner will receive a significant chunk of that 10% all to themselves.

To get the ball rolling and to help us reach a critical mass of beta testers, we’re running an initial prize draw for 2% of Handshake equity.  If you sign up, you get one entry into the draw and every time one of your referrals also signs up, you get another entry.  So if you sign up and refer 100 friends who also sign up, you have 101 entries in the draw.

So what are you waiting for?  Apply now and invite your friends.  Together, let’s redefine our relationships with brands and make Handshake a really big thing.  Full details of the beta test programme and how to apply here.