What is Handshake?

The world is changing and the smart companies know they need to change too. Handshake gives both of you a new way to communicate - but one that's firmly on your side.

We're here to make things simpler. Handshake cuts out the middle men – the people that sell your data – and puts you in touch directly with organisations that want to talk to you.

From now on the power is back in your hands, because we think you're more than a handy demographic to tap into. We think you're unique. And it's only right that you're rewarded for it.

  The power of you

Organisations might want your opinion on their new stores, customer service or TV ads, for example. Or they might be looking for people to trial a brand new product or give them some insight into the latest trends.

Load the Handshake app on your phone or tablet or log into the website and you can review offers from brands wherever and whenever you like. Accept, reject or make them an offer - it's completely up to you.

  Name your price

Our revolutionary negotiation engine sits at the heart of all this. It lets you name your terms with brands that will negotiate with you as an individual. Haggle with them, drive a hard bargain, or ignore them entirely. But the more deals you do, the more rewards you earn.

If they're successful then they get valuable insight from their customers and you'll get a pleasant surprise the next time you check your Handshake balance. It's a win-win.

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