Welcome to Handshake.

A totally new way to build richer relationships between people and brands, through real time rewards.

Handshake gives you all this:

  • The opportunity to be a pioneer with an utterly new way of doing business.
  • The revolutionary ability to segment our members and negotiate with each of them in real time.
  • Access to data on context, personality, expertise, skills, opinion and intent.
  • Accurate customer profiles so that you can closely target your marketing spend.
  • The right kind of context, so you can start to build the right kind of relationship.

We put our members in touch with brands they can trust and reward them for who they are and what they're into. So brands like yours can talk one-to-one with the right kind of people, at the right time, at the right price.

Handshake's powerful, live engagement mechanism helps you better understand your core market and be as agile as your customers. We can offer response rates far higher than industry standard.

How? Simple really.

We put you in touch with people who want to talk to you.

Be here now.

We are helping to create open, honest and transparent relationships. It's the only way to do business in the long term and it's here now. We are changing the game. Join us.

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